Friday, January 9, 2009

Angel started school today!

Angel started school today, interesting, it is just kindergarten, but a chance for her to make friends, and she did already....Oscar, and it turns out that i know Oscars parent from 7 years ago.
And we got invited to a birthday party today and tomorrow we go to Lalos, so we are busy girls. Spent the morning cleaning the room. Ahhhhhhhhhh! just felt a breeze...finally , it has been hot today but now the wind has started so that will help cool things off.
I need a bike to take Angel to school. So will look in Pochutla and see what i can find. Beto told me he would buy it from me when i leave so just need to get one.
Okay, Kelly and Eva write me, tell me what is happening, i heard there was flooding.
talk to you later,
Muchos Besos.