Monday, February 23, 2009

Ahhh! the hammock!

Angel just loves the hammock!ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!

Peace Man from Zipolite

Zipolite is such an awesome place. You can really just relax and it feels so good to get "naked!"
I wore a bathing suit for a while but when I got sand in my panties over and over..."sand poo poos" Angel and i call them I gave up.
There is nothing so lovely as swimming naked in the grande olas(big waves.)
Yeh! and here one thought I had while builting castles on the beach, for anyone who has had cancer and had breast surgery, and got a new set of boobs, here is the place to come and show them off and feel free. Please don´t take offence if this isn´t worded right, I am a better photographer than writer. I just mean that here is a lovely place to relax and enjoy life again, and it doesn´t matter what your body looks like, it´s not important, people of all shapes, ages, sizes come here to enjoy the freedom of Zipolite. Just remember nudity is only for the beach.
Just wanted to add one more thought, is that if children are taught there is nothing wrong nudity, and especially for men(boys), maybe everyone can love our bodies more, and respect each other more, and people won´t have so many hangups about nudity and the world will be a happier place...with out all the negative issues that our affecting our children now, in respect to the internet, perverts, and other sad things that worry all parents.

Little Chicks in Pochutla!

This brings back so many memories for me when i was little, and my dad would bring home chicks, and we would give them all a little drink before we put them in the shed to raise them for food.

Angel has missed out on a lot of the little experiences with animals that I had as a child, but she´s made up for it here. She´s had so

many opportunities to interact with animals, people, nature that we just didn´t have the chance to before. GRACIAS MEXICO!!!

Angel Hair

Ha!! Look at Angel´s hair, it was standing straight up in the wind in the Camineta this morning on the way to Pochutla.

my plant

Well i bought the bulbs awhile back, but it´s been slow going and I don´t think I will get to see them bloom. To bad. Only 2 bulbs are got a little to

much sun when we moved but it´s doing well now..the plant on the right is an orange seed I think...Angel asked me to plant it.


Okay so I have been telling you about the caminetas, this is what they look like. Of course Angel doesn´t ride up there...that´s for the luggage, but I have seen other kids up there, not often though...and not on the highway, ...Angel wanted to ride up there and i said no way...and a man said the federales would stop us if she did, but when we got to the back road he said she could and I said "No Way!!"

Angel & Sueño

This little puppy Sueño had a really rough start, he was walking past another dog and bit him in the face and shook him. Luckily Memphis took him to the vet and he survived. Angel loves Sueño and wants a dog like him ....someday...we will start with a bird or hamster first though

Extreme Windsurfing in Zipolite

Check out this, either really brave or fearless and just doesn´t give a "blank" and is in enjoying life. What a thrill but I would be so scared in the kite went down. Wow!! Increble!!

Pobre Parrot Pescado

Poor Parrot Fish.

Angel playing in the tidal pools

Angel has so much fun playing in the tidal pools. She finds little snails and feeds all the little anenomes..(not spelled right)

Recycling in Zipolite

I´m really proud of the people of Zipolite for making such an effort to take care of their beautiful town and beach. A Swiss man walks the beach each day cleaning up litter...and i believe started the recycling program all gratis, free. There are bags for all the bottles, and people separate the cans, glass and plastics and batteries...which are pilas if you don´t know and they don´t go in the garbage, gracias.
Excellente, well done!! Kudos!!
Of course Shambhala has been working with the environment since it´s beginning. Way to go everyone, lets keep this place beautiful!!
Some people even pick up after there dogs!! Now if everyone did that would be something!

February 2009 in Zipolite

Un Mariposa-butterfly en Zipolite

Angel pronouces Mariposa much better than I. She

actually corrects alot of my words. It really makes me happy as I know one day she will be fluent...English, Spanish and hopefully French too. and possibly Italian as we have met many Italians in Zipolite and Angel has lots of Italian amigos..and Mexican, Swedish...lots of amigos!!

Angel bringing me milk from the tienda!

Our New Room!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Really like our new room!

I really like our new room. It´s much cooler, and just in a better that is great!
It´s hot today and i have a bunch of errands so may not be able to blog til´s a better day. We´ll see. For now sending you all mucho besos and we touch base in a bit.
Hola Charlotte, been thinking of you. I put out your table cloths last night and a tye dye on top and it´s very pretty. I´ll put up a pick later. Martin, please send Bucerias info when you get a chance. Hola Webby, was good talking with you. And you too Lauri, Hi Evey, Kelly.
Hasta Luego!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Moved today

Okay everyone, all is well, just a quick note that we changed rooms. I will contact you all later, it´s hot and we are in Pochutla and need to head back.
Muchos besos to all. Toda es bien. I have alot more cool photos to put up, but Angel is to hot and we need to get back.

Angel and the kitten

Webby, i just typed a big long note in here to you and the frigging thing didn´t upload. Poo!

Anyways thanks for everything and I am so glad we can crashland there and get things figured out. Big hugs to you from Angel and I.

Here´s your little Angel!!


Angel, Oscar, and Mikey on the playa

Angel playing in puddles on the playa in Zipolite

God´s Light

The other day when we came home from Pochulta, after going thru the blockade, and was a little blue having called family but wasn´t able to get thru to Webby, and was a bit frustrated and blue...and was wondering where we are going to live...and we went to walk on the beach and there was beautiful God´s light. I haven´t seen it here since we´ve been here. So it was really special and really cheered me up.

camineta & taxi blockade

So when we were leaving town the other day there was some kind of issue between the caminetas and taxis. It´s really hard to get from Zipolite to Pochutla and back.

Caminetas take a long time and go the long way thru mazunte, san augustinillio and ventanilla and head back to Pochutla...and your riding in the back of a truck, on a hard little bench...and it can get very full and it´s a real experience. We´ve done it several times as it´s cheaper than the collectivos/taxis but mainly because Angel throws up in the collectivos.

And there is no direct collectivo from Pochutla to Zipolite so you get really screwed. That happened to us once and Angel was crying and the taxi only took us to the crossroads and they told us another collectivos would take us but it was a lie and they wanted us to pay a bunch and then luckily we caught a collectivo...but it´s really frigging frustrating.

So anyways there was some kind of blockade and tomorrow apparently there is no service at all because of gas prices...

Apparently someone says it has to do with tourist and they want to charge the tourist more, but they really need to work on a more efficient and fair system for all.

I mean we sure don´t have alot of money to spend it´s been really tough this time getting around compared to when I came and i was single and now everything is just more expensive especially food, and you can´t easily come to Pochutla to get a better deal as it´s such a huge frigging hassle.