Sunday, February 8, 2009

Hola Nelsonites and Rosemont!!

Hola Everyone in Rosemont and Nelson.
Sure don´t miss shoveling all that snow, but I sure did love my garden.
Hope your all well. Hola Mrs Maslecho and Lindsay and Vanessa, and Angel wants to
give big hugs to you all and especially Ava. Hola Everyone Rosemont Elementary and Links!!
Muchos Besos Tina y Angel

Sand Angels in Zipolite

We made Sand Angels the other day instead of Snow Angels

Camera Shy Burro

Here´s a burro we need to pass by to get to our friends, he was having a lovely time rolling in the dirt trying to get cool, he was camera shy though, can´t see his face ;)

Angel and the puppy

This puppy is only a month old. The great thing about this place is that she has been able to interact with so many different animals, different ages, different insects, people from all over the´s really amazing the different experiences we´ve been exposed to. Something new everyday.

Angel and the chicks

Everytime we come to Pochutla Angel has to visit the chicks

Angel and Wilbur

Angel´s new little friend´s family got a pig to help clean up the kitchen-bar scraps. Angel has never touched a pig, so it´s pretty cool. It´s really cute! His name is Wilbur

Fire Dancer in Zipolite

Last night we went out on the street and ended up running into friends and we really just visiting when the fire dancer came out. The fumes from the gas were not to pleasant but the dancing was pretty and entertaining.

Fresh Fruit Season in Zipolite

So did I mention we are staying...we found a new place to rent, it´s at the other end of the beach and near Angel´s new little friends house. It´s a bigger room but we have to share a bathroom, but it has hammocks outside and we can watch the sunset from there. And it´s kid friendly, something we were having an issue with at the other place...their kids our allowed to make noise and everyone else, but we would get in trouble...go figure..

Anyways we are just going with the flow and everything is coming together. So we are staying until Mar 15th and then heading up the coast.

It´s fresh fruit season, we´ve been eating fresh strawberries the last few days. Angel had a big chocolate strawberry shake and she loved that. And we have been eating tortillias with peanut butter, jam and fresh strawberries, bananas and mango....mmmmmmmmmmm!

Hola de Zipolite Feb 8 Domingo-Butterfly

Actually we are in Pochutla, blogging. I like Pochutla on Sunday, it´s calm. On the way to town a beautiful green butterfly flew into the camineta and Angel picked it up...first it flew up and landed on my nose and we all laughed...then we held it protected from the wind all the way here...and we set it free.