Sunday, February 1, 2009

Odds and ends

Charlotte gave Angel a beautiful amber necklace and had a beautiful bracelet made for my birthday. We will sure miss Charlotte, they have gone to San Cristobal and we will see them onthe 6th before they leave. People have been so kind with us. We will miss them all. Zipolite has had a lot of wonderful experiences and we have appreciate all the good and the bad as it´s all part of life and a different culture. And that culture is Angels and so I happy to have shared it with her. I am not sure when we will come back...only God knows.

God bless all of family and friends. And especially all the family of my Cousin John. Rest in Peace my sweet cous, you are deeply missed.

Besos to all,
Tina and Angel

Martin, i look forward to seeing you soon. We are looking for a place in Bucerias for a month, if someone is reading this blog and needs a housesitter for a month of March please contact us.


Angel in her white dress


Angel and the pescado

Me in my bathing suit

So for 47 I guess i look okay in my bathing suit. Considering when i was younger i always thought i was too fat...i was raised in an era when women didn´t love there bodies, i hope Angel grows up loving her body. Angel took this photo, she did a good job.

Angel and the fisherman

Angel Drawing in Bed

Angel did a lot of drawing while recovering from the flu


My friend Kelly was attacked by a rabid cat. It came right into her home and attacked from behind. Her husband had to pry it´s jaws apart and then he killed it. She went to the clinic but they didn´t have the medicine and so she had to go to Pochulta the next day. I think it looks really bad. She did one thing of antibiotics but i think she needs another. I put the lavender on it, i would be coating it in it, and I want her to come everyday so i can help clean looks really yucky here as she was washing it with water and lavender, and it did look better but yesterday i thought it looked worse. Please lets all say a prayer her leg gets much better. She has a little boy that is Angel´s best little friend her.

okay have to go...Angel is bored.

Pobre Sita

Angel´s all better now, but she was really weak there for a bit. Just a flu, but here it´s scarier cause it is so frigging hot, and she really hasn´t adjusted to the food, it´s very different. We were so happy when we found Cheerios the other day. She hadn´t had Cheerios for 3 months. Hurray! They are a big staple in her diet. And especially when she sick, they are real comfort food.

Face Painting and Little Coke Bottles.

See the little coke bottle Evey! I´m going to try and bring it home for you. They still have little ones her and I drank one and thought of you the other night. Been thinking of you lots sis!
Miss you!! Missing Everyone!!
Hugs and kisses,
Tina and Angel


Hey Check out my friend Macarldie´s website, he´s very talented and has some gigs coming up.

Zipolite Sunset

Home sick

So we´ve been sick and when your sick then you get homesick. We had some weird flu that many people had with vomiting and diaherra, I got over it faster than Angel. She relapsed but is better today.

We have come to town to use internet and get a few things.

We will be leaving soon. Our landlady says we have to move or pay more rent. It´s getting to hot for us anyways and the mosquitos are really bugging me.

And we have been in one spot to long, only because we have had no cash to move on.

So by the end of this month we will be moving.

I have a whole bunch of stuff that I want to sell, broom, mop, stove, juicer, blender, baskets, mats, ...everything you need to set up house and stay for 5 months or a few months...Email me if you want to buy all. tina_winterlik at

An Angel called Kate showed up the other day and brought a a big bottle of eucalyptus and lavender. Kate you rescued us. THANK YOU!

Just when we were so low and feeling so sick and blue, then Kate arrived, with her Angel tattoos and her wonderful was really emotionally uplifting for us. Gracias.