Thursday, February 12, 2009

Angel and a Gecko

Enjoying the Sunset in Zipolite

The Bikers de Zipolite

Ride Like the Wind!!!

Angel and Amiga

Gracias Liberti por la hermosa boa!

Spider girl!

Puffer Fish, Jelly Fish and Zipolite Playa

Urchins, La Luna and a Pobre Turtle(dead) on la Playa en Zipolite

Iguana, Termite Nest, Pink Bug

Oscar-the fish and the kids too!

Angel and Oscar

Our Living Situation

Hola Everyone,
Kelly I was trying to send a email from Zipolite and it was so frigging slow and hot and it cost more than Pochutla and then as i was about to send it, Angel lost patience and i´m not sure if the thing even went.

Hola Sweetie, Hope your feeling better and things get better. We were going to move to the other end of the beach but the bathroom was not in the room and it just wasn´t safe or easy for Angel and i because i can´t watch her and so we took a different room still at the Roca Blanca end of the playa and we have 2 beds, a bathroom, fan and Margarita is going to help us by letting us cook at her house and keep food in the fridge and they are going to put a hammock up for us.

They are really good to us. They told us we are like family so that is really special.

It´s been so hot here, but yesterday the ocean was cold and i just loved it. It was so refreshing. well better put up some photos before it gets to hot. we are in pochutla, we are 2 hours ahead of vancouver and tried to call you Webby but you didn´t answer, got thru to Sean and Lauri though and may try calling you in a bit Kelly...but if not maybe on Sunday.

Okay we love you all. Big hugs to E&C, N&J, F&J and Aunty Jean and everyone.
Oh p.S. Martin wrote and he´s getting our room arranged so i am super excited about that. we will head up the coast mid march.
Muchos Besos everyone!